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The Rise of GLP-1 Weight Loss Medications

In today’s modern era, weight loss stands out as one of the most critical concerns in terms of health. With the ever-increasing prevalence of obesity, medical professionals, dietitians, nutritionists, fitness coaches, and virtually everyone in the healthcare sector are working tirelessly to discover the ultimate weight loss solution. However, in reality, there is no such thing. Shedding those extra pounds is a gradual journey that encompasses numerous methods that collectively aid individuals in achieving their weight loss objectives. At Chioma Okafor-Mbah Gomez, MD PLLC, we firmly believe that dietary choices and physical activity are the two most important tools that play a vital role in losing weight. However, they must be supplemented with additional tools that facilitate the weight loss process.

Weight loss medications are a beneficial tool in aiding weight loss that should be used with caution. GLP-1 receptor agonist such as Semaglutide and Tirzepatide can be very effective when used alongside a balanced diet and personalized exercise routine. They can help control high blood sugar and lower blood pressure and improve your cholesterol levesl as well as accelerate weight loss. Semaglutide encourages the pancreas to release more insulin while suppressing the release of glucagon from the liver. This dual action can reduce hunger levels and increase energy. Tirzepatide acts similarly, reducing blood sugar levels and generating a sense of fullness. By slowing the movement of food through the stomach, these medications can also help you feel fuller for a longer time and consume less.

Am I a Good Candidate for Medical Weight Loss with GLP-1 medications

We suggest seeking guidance from a qualified, authorized, and skilled weight loss specialist to determine if weight loss pills or injections are suitable for you. Obesity is a chronic medical condition that is highly complex, and other elements must be examined or addressed for successful weight loss. Weight loss medications are drugs like any other that can have adverse side effects and require the guidance of a trained medical professional for safe and successful long term use. Seek the advice of a licensed and experienced weight loss physician or care team who can provide you with appropriate guidance. 

When you arrange a consultation with Chioma Okafor-Mbah, MD, she will begin by inquiring about your lifestyle, medical history, medications, family and social dynamics, previous attempts at weight loss, family history etc. This information will assist her and her team in determining whether or not you are an ideal candidate for weight loss medication. In general, weight loss pills and/or injections are prescribed to patients who have not seen improvements with dietary and lifestyle modifications. Your body mass index (BMI) must be greater than 27 with an obesity-related condition. This implies that even if you are not obese, you have a significant medical condition associated with obesity (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.). If your BMI is greater than 30, you have a greater chance of being approved for weight loss medication, even if you do not have any significant medical problems.

How Can I Get Started?

At Weight Loss MD, we create customized online prescription weight loss plans for our patients. We prioritize nutrition and exercise modifications. However, we also combine these modalities with available weight loss medication such as GLP-1’s – Semaglutide/Tirzepatide, B12 injections, weight loss peptides, MIC “fat burner” injections/oral supplements, and other tools. 

Start by scheduling an online weight loss consultation with Dr. Chioma Okafor-Mbah or her physician Assistant Erika Wagner. We do not prescribe weight loss medications online without a consultations  determine whether you’re a good candidate. This is why a virtual consultation is essential. 

Call or text us to book your slot. If Dr. Okafor-Mbah believes that weight loss medication can benefit you, we’ll finalize your program based on our analysis and deliver the medication to you. Let’s take the first few steps toward a healthier life. We’re ready to help you at every step of the way!

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